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 Our Areas of Expertise are –

 BI Expertise

    Our Business Intelligence Services include Analysis, Reporting, Scorecards and Dashboards.

 BI/ETL Expertise

 Architecting, designing, developing, testing and deploying custom ETL processes to move and consolidate data.

 Expertise in ETL tools like Microsoft SSIS and home grown ETL tool.



 We offer a spectrum of Analysis services ranging from providing simple analysis tools using spreadsheets to sophisticated analysis tools for power users, like Multidimensional Analysis Cubes using various Business Intelligence technologies like Microsoft SSAS, Business objects.

 Our consultants have a blend of technical skills combined with great understanding of business processes. Apart from providing analysis tools, our team can also offer valuable business insights.



 Architecting, designing, developing, testing and deploying front-end GUI to back-end database interactions to canned reports.  

 Testing reports through data validation.

 Scheduling and publishing reports to web server.

 Performance optimization of report queries.

 Expertise with different platforms – BO/Crystal, Microsoft Reporting services.

Extensive Reporting and Visual Analytics are the main strength of our team.